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Mediation Network Optimization

Updated 2 weeks ago ​by Chris

Which networks have Glispa Connect (formerly Avocarrot) partnered with?

You can see the full list of the supported ad networks here.

How do I integrate third-party Ad Networks?

You can see how to integrate third-party ad networks for Android here and for iOS here.

How do you prioritize the ad networks? How is the waterfall calculated?

The Glispa Connect mediation waterfall is a sophisticated and fully transparent monetization model based off the historical data collected by Glispa Connect's network performances.

The data-driven approach mediates the blend of demand networks and helps developers make more informed decisions for further optimization in real-time. Powered by our advanced algorithm, the waterfall calculates and prioritizes to give you the best mix of eCPM and fill rate for your app.

As a result, the Glispa Connect mediation waterfall essentially helps to balance out and mediate the different networks by finding the best floor price to achieve maximum revenue for publishers.

What is the lookback window for the Glispa Connect mediation waterfall?

Our lookback window for the waterfall is 24hrs (calendar day).

Do I need an account for the other ad networks to incorporate into my waterfall?

Yes, you will simply create an account for each ad network you would like to incorporate into your monetization waterfall. This ensures you have the option to plug into various demand partners and maximize your revenue potential.

How does traffic allocation start initially?

The general requirement to customize your waterfall is at least 300 impressions and over $0.00 in revenue for at least one day. Then after 2 days, the waterfall will automatically be built based on the algorithm of our decision engine.

How do I integrate a new third-party ad network that is not found on your list?

We are always looking to add more ad networks to provide you with a variety of demand. If you would like to add a new ad network, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we would be happy to help mediate.

How do you ensure that after the waterfall is configured, all networks still get the chance of the first impression?

Once the app has been created, our mediation systems begin to gather traffic from various ad networks. Over the following days, the Glispa Connect waterfall is built accordingly from the data it has collected. This process gives the opportunity to explore all the different ad networks and find the best eCPM and fill rate for your app.

Can you gather my revenue from all the Ad Networks?

As a self-serve platform, we are not collecting the revenue for you. You have full control of each ad network relationship and would collect the revenue directly from the ad networks. Although, Glispa Connect enables you to see revenue for all of your ad networks on a single dashboard without manual updates.

Can I switch off Glispa demand?

Yes, you can switch off the Glispa demand from your mediation configuration page, however, the Glispa Connect waterfall mediates between ad networks based off of performance. Therefore, the Glispa demand will only be utilized when it performs better than all the other ad networks for that specific ad opportunity.

In addition, you can manually rearrange the mediation waterfall to override and choose a preferred ad network to be used for a specific ad placement.

How do I use Google Ad Exchange and DoubleClick with Glispa Connect mediation?

You can still use Glispa Connect mediation even if you are using Google Ad Exchange.

The Ad Exchange account and Google Mobile Ads SDK (bundled with Glispa Connect mediation SDK) are required to serve ads from Ad Exchange. You simply need to take the ad unit ID from AdExchange and configure it to the AdMob ad placement. Although, due to the structure and capabilities, we are unable to accommodate if you are solely using DFP.

Guide on how to add an ad unit ID in AdExchange:

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